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New Birds

So back in early November the neighbors dogs came and visited the farm….uninvited I should add…..well one of them decided to bust into my chicken coop and then proceeded to kill 7 out of 8 of our chickens. Well…

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Farm Pets

Every farm has pets. Some live inside, some outside. Some are useful, some are not. Some are tame and some are not. On our farm we currently have a do and 2 cats…..well kinda. None of them are inside…

Cook with Me

Freezing Celery 

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a celery eater.  Never have been. But, I do like cooking with it every now and then for the flavor it add to foods. When I do cook with it,…

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We (Caleb and I) drag our kids everywhere with us, like our parents did when we were little. The only difference is we have a 4-door truck and in my family we all crammed into the cab together. We…

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Getting Ready to Calve

It’s cold outside right now, but thankfully we haven’t gotten much ice so far. As I’m sitting here trying to stay warm, I thought I would share what we were up to the other day when it was really…

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Getting Ready for the storm

I don’t what the weather is doing in your area, but here in Southeast Kansas we went from low 70’s yesterday to a high of 37 degrees today and then tomorrow they are calling for rain/ice through Saturday…..YUCK! Here’s…

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Barn yard walks with the kids

I feel like things have been slow around here, but really that’s never the case. We finished combining soybeans just before Thanksgiving and then went straight into weaning calves. Then you throw in getting ready for Thanksgiving, the kids…

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 Grazing Corn Residue

  Corn harvest in Southeast Kansas often happens in mid-August to mid-September. And when you are harvesting your hope is that you will get ever single kernel of corn…. But sadly that’s not what happens. Shooting out the back…