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Nesting or Just Getting Crap Done

So  two weekends ago my sisters sweetly arranged to meet at the halfway point between us and take my kiddos for the weekend, so I could get a few things done before baby #4 gets here.

A while back I made a big list of things I would like to get done while the kids were gone and before the baby comes.

There is a lot of cooking that I would like to get done before hand on these lists, but I didn’t focus on those while the little ones were gone, my goal was to get things done that I couldn’t while the kids were here, cause they would either be in the middle of what I was doing or fighting and distracting me from getting anything done. Any momma with little kids completly understands what I mean. My kids are 5, 3 and 1 so there is a lot of mess making and craziness going on in my house.

So when Saturday rolled around I got up early and had a mission to get as much done as possible. Got my coffee and Caleb and I did are morning devotion and then I was off!

First tings first was my washer and dryer.

I didn’t tink to get a before, but just imagine them piled with just junk. This is an area that I am aweful about just putting random stuff there and then never getting back to it….I seriously can’t remember the last time I saw the tops of them. Hopefully I can keep it this way.


Project #2 was cleaning up my thread in my sewing area. I originally had one spool holder, but recently got another just so I had room for all my spools. The holders never sat very nicely on the top of these shelves, so i decided to put them on the wall cause I didn’t have anything else to go there and and it just cleans things up. If you noticed on my lists there were a few sewing projects too, so making it a little more organized will make things much nicer.

Project #3 was the pantry….

This seems to happen way too often to my pantry. It just starts throwing up and won’t stop!

Fact: I went to look for something in it last night and couldn’t find it cause it was too clean. lol Real life problems

I didn’t do it all by myself, Caleb helped with a few things. The only problem with this is he kept making comments on what I had and if it had expired.

Thankfully I had leftovers so I didn’t have to waste time fixing food!

After dinner I got Caleb to work on another small project.

Project #5 was new towel hooks.

I am a believer of kids doing things themselves. One thing Chester and Iscel  can easily do is hang their towels back up, but they weren’t able to reach the hooks, because they were too high. So we made another row of hooks just for the kids. I had all the parts there for Caleb, he just had to cut the board to length and then put it together. This made me so happy, cause it’s one less thing I have to do and the kids can do. It sure is the simple things in life.

About mid-afternoon I needed a pick-me-up so it was time for my favorite snack….

This also what will pass for coffee and doughnuts for me too!

Project #6 – Clean bedrooms

This wasn’t really on my list, but it really needed done so I could get to my last and most important project of the day.

The kids room wasn’t this bad looking at the beginning of the day, I just washed all their bedding and threw it back in there until I had a chance to get to it.

Fact: I hate making bunk beds…..I hate even more when I’m pregnant!!

After I finished this project I took a little break and we headed to a friends house to cebreate our friend turning 40. It was a nice break and a good chance to recoop some strength to finish my last and main project of the day.

And that was….


Cleaning the carpets!!

I love how soft are carpets are, but man they show dirt easily! If iad had my way I would do this once a month or so, but as it is I’m good if I get it done once a year. I will spot clean through out the year, but to actually get the cleaner out and do the whole thing doesn’t happen near like I want it too. It’s just the way life is….espically life on the farm where dirt is easy yo come by. Not only did I clean the licing room carpet, but I was also able to get a few spots that were in the bedrooms too. Since we stayed at our friends house so late, I didn’t actully finish with the floors till about 1:15 am. Needless to say I was tired and ready for bed.

I shared a lot of what I was doing on my personal facebook page through out the day, and everyone kept saying I was nesting. and maybe I was a little, but really I would have done the same thing if I wasn’t pregnant, cause I don’t get very many chances like this to get things done. And any mom out there with young kids can completly understand. When the kids are gone it’s time to get some things done that you can’t do while they are there! So you can call it nesting if you want, I’m calling it “getting crap done while I have no kids!”


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    Janis Justus
    March 3, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Thank you for this encouraging post. At 54, I am STILL struggling with these issues. I don’t think our house has to be ready for the latest issue of Southern Living, but I sure want it to feel comfortable and to able to find where things are.
    Hope you are doing well. You have certainly grown into a wonderful “Farmer’s Wife”!

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