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New Birds

So back in early November the neighbors dogs came and visited the farm….uninvited I should add…..well one of them decided to bust into my chicken coop and then proceeded to kill 7 out of 8 of our chickens.

Well since then the neighbors replaced them with some other birds, but between those birds either being sick and dying or just not producing anything we are down to one bird that will lay an egg a few times a week….which is what I expect this time of the year with the lower amount of light.  The rest of the birds were given to some other neighbors to harvest and eat…except 2. I kept the lone survivor from our original flock and there is one other bird who’s days are numbered if she doesn’t start producing. It gets old feeding them all the time and getting nothing. I have the two who I haven ‘t seen lay an egg separated off in to another pen to see if they will start laying.

So any way for the past few months I have been checking craigslist regularly for birds for sale.  And finally after a few deals fell through I found some young birds close to home and ready to get.

So on Tuesday to get ready for them I did a full coop clean-out. I Had been meaning to do this ever since my birds got massacred last fall, but just never had the chance. Well since we were getting some new birds the next day, I thought it would be nice to get all the old feathers out and make it ready for the new girls.

Side Note: When fixing up the coop last year one of the best ideas was when Caleb suggested getting some cheap linoleum and putting down on the floor. It is so easy to clean out and I love it!!!!

Well today after a trip to the the baby Doc, for one last ultrasound before #4 gets here. Hard to believe we only have 6 more weeks…..also hard to believe we only have about 6 more weeks till corn planting too! Anyways after we went to the Doc and did our errands, we stopped at this young ladies house and picked us up some birds.

Pet taxi’s make great containers for carrying birds.

We ended up with three different breeds….buff orpington, barred rock, and silver laced wyandotte. They are all about 4-5 months old and should start laying here in a month or two.

One great thing about these birds, besides them being nice and healthy is they are super gentle. Both Chester and Iscel are super excited to have some more birds on the farm again and so am I! So let the chicken adventures go again!


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