Corn Patch – Making a New Garden

So if you follow me on Facebook then you will have seen some videos of me doing some prep work on a new garden.  This garden is for sweet corn and nothing else.

As our family continues to grow with more mouths to feed, we need more food to feed them. One of my go-to sides is sweet corn. Currently I have been planting 4 rows in my main garden, which had been enough to get us by with, but even with the large amount we put away this past summer, we are barely gonna make it till we get corn again this year.

So for a while not I have benn thinking about starting a new patch and finally this fall I started the prep work for that garden.

The spot I picked is just a little farther north from my current patch. I’m actually taking up some of the cattle pasture, but this is a spot where for whatever reason the cattle never ate the grass very well, so I didn’t feel too bad about taking it away from them. Another really important thing about this location is it is located right next to the already exsiting electrict fence. An electric fence is a must for keeping critters….and cows out of my corn. Previously I have always relied on my Jack Russell for keeping things like racoons out of my sweet corn, but since he died and this patch is even farther from the house I want to have access to an electric fence for keeping them out.

I’ve been working on getting the soil ready since last fall. The main way I have done this has been by till the ground up. I started with mowing off the grass off real short and then I tilled it 3 or 4 times since.

*It probably would have been faster if I had sprayed the area with round-up first, but I was to lazy to go up and mess with mixing it up and I really like to till so I didn’t.

After it was tilled as good as I was going to get it, then it was time to call in the big dogs for help.

By that I mean the tractor and loader too haul in some manure. The manure I use on my gardens is from where hay use to be fed. When we feed our hay we try hard to make sure we ger all the net wrap off an put in the burn pile. The people who had this farm before we bought it weren’t very good at doing that, so we are constantly digging old net out of the manure when when I spread it on my garden. If I don’t it will get wrapped around my tiller tines and cause all sorts of problems.

along with picking up net wrap, we also picked up Bermuda grass runners. Where I grew up in Northeast Missouri Bermuda grass wasn’t really an issue, but down here it’s the devil!! Even though I am going to be planting round-up ready sweetcorn, I still want to get as much of this out as I can cause I don’t want to have to deal with it when I’m tilling and planting.

These nosy girls came to see what we were up to…..and to beg for some feed.


All this work wasn’t done without some help from the professionals. They had to help pick up and haul off all the net wrap and Bermuda grass runners.

A few days later I re-did the electrict fence around the patch to keep the cows off the patch and make it easier for me to get in a work in it.

It may be kinda hard to see really good in this picture, but I re-routed the fence to go around the patch. Right now there is only one strand around the patch, but I plan on putting one more strand up on the cattle sides to not only keep the cows out but their calves too. I will also be putting 1-2 more strands around the very bottom of the entire patch to keep the little critters out. I also tried to make sure I have enough space between the patch and the fence to get my mower around it too.

Planting dates are different in different places. In this area corn planting date is March 20th…..which is just after the baby is due. I usually wait till the April to plant my sweet corn, but with as warm as the temperatures have been right now, I may plant some of it in a week or so. That way I get some corn even sooner!

Are you planting a garden this year? Are you wanting to start gardening? What gardening questing do you have?


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