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Every farm has pets. Some live inside, some outside. Some are useful, some are not. Some are tame and some are not.

On our farm we currently have a do and 2 cats…..well kinda.

None of them are inside critters. I know some of my crazy dog and cat lovin’ friends might think that’s mean, but God made them to be outside and outside is where they will stay.

Even if I wanted them inside, there are soon to be 6 of us living in a two bedroom house….three of us are fully potty trained another is pretty much there, and the other one that is outside of my body is not. It was hard enough with all of them, I don’t even want to try with a dog.

Our boarder collie Kit would fall under the category of non-useful animals. I mean she was bread to be a cow dog, but I can’t quite get her to do what I want when I want. Now if I wanted her to chase a metal pan around the yard and bark at 2-4 in the morning, she would be very useful. But I don’t, and I would rather be sleeping instead of listening to her.  However she is the sweetest dog and is great with the kids. She allows them to wollar all over her all the time.

I was wanting her to help load cattle in the trailer, and this is what I got instead.

Ben here is our main cat. He was actually part of a pair. We are not really sure what happen to his counter part Jerry…..yeah we named our cats Ben and Jerry……Chester named one Ben and I thought Jerry seemed liked an approiate name for the other. 😉

Like I said we aren’t sure where Jerry went off to. We think he accidently took a ride on the truck one morning.

I can’t say that Ben does a whole lot, but since he has been a round there have been a lot less mice hanging around, so I think he is earning his keep a lot more than Kit.

I said earlier that we kinda had 2 cats and that’s because we have seen another cat hanging out in one of our barns, but it’s not a tame cat. Even if it’s not tame, it’s welcome to hang out here as long as it wants cause the more cats the kill mice and rats the better.

These critter’s may not be the most useful, but they are sure fun to have around!


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