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We (Caleb and I) drag our kids everywhere with us, like our parents did when we were little. The only difference is we have a 4-door truck and in my family we all crammed into the cab together.

We both want are kids to not only be involved with the farm, but to also have a love for the farm….and part of that comes from us as parents letting them come a long and help…..

even if it take twice as long.

One of the million things I love about this boy is his drive to help. He always wants to help us in pretty much everything we do. It’s so hard to stop and show him how to do stuff some times, but every little thing we stop and show him, only helps to make him a better person.

It’s also hard to realize he is growing up and that he is a big boy and can do a lot more things than we think he can.

This rotten little lady loves the farm as much, if not more than her brother does and is always begging to go with daddy any chance she gets!

I know there might come a day when they don’t always love coming with us and helping with the cattle, so right now I cherrish every chance we get to do this as a family.

I just love this pic….that’s all!

This little lady loves her daddy and being a helper….

As a one year old, most of her “help” is getting in to things she shouldn’t and then bring it to you, but ya know she is trying…..I think

I’m not sure what he was telling me here, but I’m sure it was a better way of doing things and it was very important!

As a parent, one of the best things you can do is just let the kids be creative and play… can also be one of the hardest, cause sometimes they make a mess and it usually takes forever to clean up, but it gets the wheels in their head spinning .

I think in this pic Chester was picking up and I have no idea what Iscel was doing, but just before this they were into everything that was on the bed of this truck and having a good ol’ time with it.

As parents I’m pretty sure Caleb and I feel like we are messing up 99% of the time, but even though it is crazy, and even though we are tired, and even though they may drive us nuts we wouldn’t trade it for anything! We have some wonderful kids and love working with them.


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