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Getting Ready to Calve

It’s cold outside right now, but thankfully we haven’t gotten much ice so far. As I’m sitting here trying to stay warm, I thought I would share what we were up to the other day when it was really nice out there!

We will start calving out our heifers here in about another month. They are scheduled to arrive the first of March, but can come two weeks early so we will be expecting to see some mid-February. So it will be here before we know it. To start getting ready for that we had to play some musical pastures. The pasture right by our house had the heifers we calved out last spring and there isn’t enough space for them along with the ones we will be calving out here in another month and the plan has been to have the two groups trade pastures.

We also have to get Pop’s (Caleb’s 93 year old grandpa who still farms) heifers moved down here within the next month so we can calve them out as well. We use to calve them all out up at Pop’s house, but whenever there was a problem Caleb always had to go up there to help and there wasn’t a really good place to pull a calf at. So when we calved out 97 head a few years ago we started keeping them do here and we really like the set up. It makes it super easy and super quick to check them in the middle of the night and we usually don’t have a problem getting them in to pull a calf if needed.

When the time gets a little closer we will lock them all up in the three acre patch directly in front of our house so when we do those late night checks they can’t hide. from us.

But right now we are just gonna move pastures.

On Tuesday when Caleb walked out it was beautiful and all the cows were up by the pen so he decided to move them. Cause when your working with cattle you are outside a lot and it’s much nicer to be outside when it’s in the 60’s than the 30’s. When he told me I said I was helping, cause I needed to get out of the house and do something before I go crazy!

So the kids and I all loaded up and got in the truck to go and help.

And by help I mean I mainly opened gates and took pictures cause I wasn’t allowed in the pen with the cows.

Oh and I got to drive the truck one time too!

*In a side note I’m thankful I use to buy all my hoodies really big cause now they are the only things that fit over my 31 weeks pregnant baby bump….and by bump I mean basketball to beach ball size bump….it sure ain’t small anymore!

Oh and I also helped push them into the trailer from the outside of the ally…..

I’m not good at standing still and not helping.

And actually there was one point when one of the heifers got out and I thought it was a good idea to “run” after her…..well actually I was “running” across the holding pen to try and shut the gate so she didn’t get out on the road.

I should clarify by running I mean I waddled across the holding pen really fast. I paid for it later cause I was sore, but she didn’t get out.

At the end of it all we thankfully we got them all switched around with out any major problems and now we are just waiting.

*Don’t be deceived by my dog, she is no cattle dog. She could be, she just doesn’t want to do what I want her to do when I say to do it. But she is a great do and super good with the kids!

As far as this Ice Storm that we were suppose to be getting, well as of right now we haven’t gotten much. Just enough to make the concrete slick. The KDOT has done a great job on highway 400, that goes through our farms, and it is clear, but the way it sounds is that we still can get some stuff tonight. The temps are gonna be hovering right around freezing, give or take a degree so we still might get some ice, but tomorrow it is suppose to be in the 50’s, so whatever ice we do get shouldn’t last long!

Hope you are a staying safe and warm and don’t get any ice!





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