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Getting Ready for the storm

I don’t what the weather is doing in your area, but here in Southeast Kansas we went from low 70’s yesterday to a high of 37 degrees today and then tomorrow they are calling for rain/ice through Saturday…..YUCK!

Here’s a local TV station’s map of what they are projecting us to get. We are right below the N and C in Independence. In other words we are in the this is going to stink area!

The good thing is it’s not suppose to be terribly cold….and by that I mean single digits, but the bad thing is getting over a 1/2 inch of ice usually means widespread power outages. Another positive is it’s suppose to be in the 50’s come Sunday, so whatever ice we do get shouldn’t be around for long.  But if we do get the ice they are calling for then there is a good chance we will loose power.

So ti prepare for it Caleb is out giving all our cattle hay and then some…

By that I mean he is putting hay out and filling every hay ring in each pasture as well as setting out some extra bales in each pasture. But the extra bales he is leaving the net wrap on so they will hold their shape and and the cows will wast less of it. We are hoping this will last them all till Sunday, and all the pastures either have a freeze proof waterer in them or a creek run through them and shouldn’t need to their water busted. This will hopefully prevent us from having to go to all the cows while there is ice on the ground.

We will however still have to go and feed all of our calves that were weaned last fall. They get fed every day no matter what.

While he is out doing all that I am gonna do some cooking and get some things ready so if we do loose power we have some things to eat that require little to no cooking!!

I hope you all say nice and warm and that the ice doesn’t get you!!


ps These pics were from past winters. Just so you know






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    January 13, 2017 at 12:17 am

    It’s gonna be nasty here too!

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