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Soybean Harvest 2016

Soybean harvest is finally in full swing around here in Southeast Kansas.We had a bunch of rain about two weeks ago, the ground is just now getting to where we don’t sink to China when we drive on it. We like to do as tillage to the fields after beans as we can, so the fewer ruts we make the better!

We had a few breakdowns and repairs that needed to take place the first few days and were a man down on the crew. Which meant we didn’t get as much cut as we would have liked and I was put in one of our trucks to drive one afternoon. I would have been in there for a second day, but I had a meeting and a house to clean before it, so I didn’t get to drive a second day. But I did get to deliver some hydrolic oil to the field and make a run to get some tires fixed.

I’m not sure the last time I got to drive a truck to town was, but it’s been a few years. I actually had to have a quick refresher on the truck so I knew what I was doing.


Usually I am home with the kids getting everyone ready for bed, but I was out till the sun started going do and it was a beautiful sunset that evening!


We get to have a picnic every day while we are in harvest! Every farm is different and on ours, I bring them a noon meal and lots of snacks and they push through till they get home at night.

Having a picnic everyday isn’t as exciting as it sounds, but the kids like it so that makes it worth it.


The best part of meals at the field is getting to see daddy and riding with him for a while.

Currently all 5 of us can fit into the cab, but I’m not sure how it will work when the next one gets here.




Occasionally  we have to block the road while loading the trucks. It’s mainly on gravel roads and there isn’t much traffic, but we do have one field that is on a black top road that we sometimes have to block traffic, but it usually isn’t for long and is no big deal. The great thing about the grain cart on this tractor is it has a huge auger and can empty out very fast!

*the truck in the ditch belongs to the guy driving our grain cart and isn’t someone taking the ditch to get around….but that could happen!


We are just starting day 4 of soybean harvest this year and have at least another full week of cutting to go, but there is rain in the forecast for next week so we may get slowed down if that happens.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!



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