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Barn yard walks with the kids

I feel like things have been slow around here, but really that’s never the case. We finished combining soybeans just before Thanksgiving and then went straight into weaning calves. Then you throw in getting ready for Thanksgiving, the kids having colds, Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and me getting a cold, I don’t know that we have really had a slow day!

Today wasn’t all that different either, but we took abot 30-45 minutes this evening and the kids and I went exploring in the barn yard.

Really there wasn’t much to see that we haven’t already seen a million times, but it got us out of the house.

There was nothing in this pen, but the fun was in climbing the gate.

As Iscel gets bigger, I begin to understand how my mom might have felt cause this girl isn’t bothered by much and climbs on everything!

The one good thing about Iscel not being scared is it pushes Chester to do more…..cause he is scared of about everything!

And because she thinks she is as big as the other two Adaline thought she would try too. Seriously this girl is growing way too fast!

Besides climbing fences we checked on Red Lady, our only chicken. About a month ago our neighbors dog got into the pen and killed 6 of our seven birds and she is all we have left. Since the incident she hasn’t laid any eggs and I’m not sure if she will ever lay another, but I’m hopeful she will.

Just before it happened I had sold a bunch of our overstock of eggs, but my supply was low, and just the other day I had to actually buy some eggs and it was a sad day! I am planning on getting some more chickens, but haven’t had a chance to yet hopefully soon!!

Even though she isn’t producing, we try and go see her and give her some extra lovin’.

One of the great joys of kids is even though we have been around our barn yard a million times it never gets old and there are always neat things to explore. I know the weather is about to turn to winter so we try and get out every chance we can!

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