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 Grazing Corn Residue


Corn harvest in Southeast Kansas often happens in mid-August to mid-September. And when you are harvesting your hope is that you will get ever single kernel of corn….


But sadly that’s not what happens.

Shooting out the back of the combine is mainly trash. Parts of stalks, shucks, and cobs. You will also have kernels of corn too. Farmers try to keep as much of the corn in their machine as they can, but it’s a fine line between letting too much trash into the bin with the corn and too much corn out with the trash.


You also loose some corn just by accident. Sometimes the way the rows come together makes it difficult to combine and the combine will run over the cobs leaving lots of corn on the ground.


So with the warmer fall and plenty of moisture too we had some corn sprout up…


And by some, I mean a lot!! To people in northern areas it may seem crazy, but it truly happens everywhere, we just harvest so early it will take off, sprout and grow.

So to get some worth out of it we will let our cattle graze on it…if we can. Some fields aren’t close to our cattle pastures and some don’t have any fences, but some do have fences, they just need a little work. That’s where the kids and I come in…


A few years ago Caleb put up an electric fence around this field that buts up to one of our cattle pastures. Since this fence hasn’t been used in a few years, the fence needed a going over to check and see what it needed before we put cattle in here.


The big thing is to check and see if fence is up on the insulators and if it isn’t, then why and what do we need to do?

if you look back in this picture you will see what looks like a brush pile/a bunch of branches…..well right there is where the fence is suppose to be going and that is the top of a tree that needs cut up and removed.

I didn’t have a chainsaw with me at the time of the first visit, so it was gonna stay this way till I could get a chainsaw and some help.



First trip to the work on the fence it was just the kids and I. Since Gator rides are always fun they rode along with their cups and snacks and had a blast. at a couple of points they got out and got sticks and hedge balls and made it even more fun!


Most of the trip was spent driving a long the edge of the fence and fixing insulators and…..


pulling sicks and branches off the fence.


This girl LOVES gator rides. she squeals and giggles the whole time


These two monkeys just keep it interesting.


we came back a second day and Caleb came with us and we cut up the tree that was on the fence as well as hocked up the fencer. If we had our way we would always have a fencer that plugged in, but not every field has that luxury, so we use solar fencers instead. they have a solar panel that charges up the battery located inside the fencer and it makes the fence hot so anything that touches it will get zapped. the cows learn quickly not to touch it!



We weren’t actually able to finish that day, because we had to go an do some other things, so the kids and I cam back one more time. On that tip I actually had to get a different fencer because there was something not working right with the one we had brought the last time.But finally we got it all hooked up, the fence was hot and I was ready to let the cattle in.



It was just crazy how tall and big this corn had gotten.


Finally it was time to call the girls in…..


And boy did they love it!! They have been out there for about three weeks now and have been putting a good hurting on the corn. Since letting them in we have had a small frost that killed some of the plants, but here in a couple of more days, we should be finally getting a hard widespread freeze and anything plant that might still be alive won’t be after that!

So Enjoy this beautiful weather while we have it!!

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So enjoySave

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