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A New Adventure for Chester

We are starting a new chapter in family, our oldest child had started school. I know it’s hard to believe he is that old.

One big thing about this that I am so not excited about, is being on a schedule. I should say I am so not excited about being on a school schedule. We have our own farm schedule, but it’s a lot differnt than the one we need to be in for school. The biggest hiccup will be trying the get supper made and ate early, so Chester can be in bed and hopefully asleep before 8. That’s not easy around here, but we will figure it out.

While prepairing to send him to his first day my sister made the comment about how it was weird dropping them off for the first time with strangers and expecting them to be ok. Even though he’s our first to go to school I don’t feellike we are dropping him off with strangers because we do know some of the staff and I have some good friends who are teachers. The perks of small town living!

All that being said I do still have concers about who will “take care” of him.

I mean…

  • will he know where to go when he gets off the bus.
  • will he shut the stall door when going to the bathroom
  • will he keep his pants up in public
  • will he know not to pee on the playground
  • who will help him with his milk
  • is he going to forget his lunchbox
  • will he know which bus to get on after school.

But on that first day, as I left him setting in the gym and walk away trying to fight back the tears,  I know he is getting ready for a great adventure. An adventure that will teach him the independence he needs to be the strong man both God and I know he has the ability to be! I have always been an independent person and want my children to be that same way, but sometimes as a parent it’s hard to let go and let them see what they can do. I know there will be time when it’s not easy, and they get their heart broken, and I can’t fix it, but I serve a God who can fix it. A God who wants us to trust in him and know that he has it all under control.  So instead of crying because he is no longer here at home with me, or worrying about what is going to happen to him while he is at school, I’m gonna pray. I will pray for him, his classmates, his teacher, and all the other kids and staff at hos school. I will never be able to be with him at all times, but I know that God can. I know that Chester is capable of doing so much and I as a mother just need to step back and let him spread his wings and fly, and trust that God will watch over him. And you know what God is much better at controlling things than I am!

So here we go on this wonderful new adventure! Two days down and he loves it! The only down side is he doesn’t get to go to the corn field everyday with daddy

I said I wouldn’t cry, I said I was excited for him and this adventure, but right after I took this picture and left him in the gym with all the other students and staff I walked out fighting about the tears. Thankfully I ran into my friend Tammy who had just dropped her oldest off for her first day of high school and said she did the same thing. It made me feel a lot better!

He made it home on day one on the correct bus and was super excited about getting to ride the bus to school on day two.

We are two days in and he loves it and I haven’t heard of him trying to go pee on the playground…..the fear is real y’all, this little farm boy, who goes where ever he wants outside at home, has also tried to do that in many public places. Now I’m just praying he won’t bring home any colds!!





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