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Wheat Harvest and Soybean Planting _- A Picture Post

I seriously have no idea where June and July have gone! This year we didn’t have very much wheat out, but still it was crazy busy. And now in less than a month my oldest will be starting kindergarten!!

How is that possible?!?! But that’s a topic for another time!

Well back in June I started this post with a purpose, but now I have no idea what that purpose is, so I am just gonna strait up share pictures with very little words.


Since wheat harvest was so short I got very few pictures of it this here. This is pretty much all I got!

The kids and I spent a lot more time in the bean field since Caleb does all the planting. So here are a few from that.

I usually take the noon meal to the guys when we are in the field. It can be a lot of work….more so because of the kids than making the food, but its long days and that is sometimes the only time they get to see him in a day.

Well that’s all I got. Not man words, but I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



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