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Kids and Kittens

A week after I had Wynn our cat had kittens. Two weeks later that same cat comes up missing and I think it’s a good idea to bottle feed those kittens. Well we started with 6 and 3 of them made it and I’m pretty happy with that. especially since I had a new born baby, was sleep deprived and Caleb was in the field planting corn.

Well since they were bottle fed, they were a little more clingy from being handled a lot, which was great since the kids want nothing more than to drag them every where!

And since they were bottle fed they can take a lot….

and by a lot I mean a whole lot!!!


If a cat breaks loose and runs away from Adaline, she will scream and cry till she catches it again. She thinks they are her stuffed animals


Though the kittens take all the rough dragging and throwing around I do believe they are some times wondering “Why ME!”



As a small child I remember having my own kitten and dragging him everywhere and I love seeing these guys with their kittens. It’s priceless!

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