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Momma Needs Some Sleep

I’m one tired momma! We spent the day making calls and traveling around looking at bulls because we were in need of three bulls for heifers…..2 for us and one for Pop. We finally found some that we were happy with or I should say Caleb was happy with cause I wasn’t able to go back and see them. Then on the way home Caleb remembered he had a deacon meeting at church and still needed to feed calves…..which made him late for his meeting…..he was also coordinating with our neighbor to start mowing hay this evening. Then as I was heading home I happened to notice our neighbors yellow bull was in our Pasture. Grrrrr!!! Well this spring we took a hit on calves that came from their bull busting in with our herd last year and I really didn’t want that to happen again so I wanted him out as quickly as possible. So I called Caleb to tell him…that way he could inform the neighbor, then I ran home real quick and transferred all the kids from the Yukon to the chore truck….but only after potty breaks in the yard, cause there was no time for going inside. Then I got to the pasture and opened all the gates from the pasture to the corral up and called all the ladies up and they led him in. After closing up everything I then notice there was another yellow bull hanging with another group of girls just across the fence. So once I got the first one caught, I went after the other one too. He was probably only a yearling and was a super big pain in the bottom!! It was close to 8 when I finally got the kids their supper…..which consisted of grilled cheese sandwich….which I burnt one side when cooking….but they didn’t complain! I’m not sure they had anything else even with it. I’m pretty sure I win the super mom award for that supper!! 

I didn’t eat with them, cause it wasn’t GF bread and I didn’t want to take the time just then to make me something. 

Once I finally got the kids to bed, I had to finish a few chores and finally ate my supper at about 10:15. Caleb got home about that time and we were beat. I should have taken a shower then, but I really didn’t care, I just wanted sleep! And since I didn’t get one this morning I’m saying sorry for anyone who is around me today…..which is probably only gonna be my kids and they don’t care cause they are kids and smell funny themselves!!

*I have a handful of posts that I’ve started but haven’t had a chance to finish, but hopefully I will get an uninterrupted moment to do some work on them….but I should probably do laundry first since I think my kids are out of clean underwear and I know Caleb is down to his last clean pair of jeans! 😉

Till next time,


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