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    A New Adventure for Chester

    We are starting a new chapter in family, our oldest child had started school. I know it’s hard to believe he is that old. One big thing about this that I…

  • Farm Kids

    Kids and Kittens

    A week after I had Wynn our cat had kittens. Two weeks later that same cat comes up missing and I think it’s a good idea to bottle feed those kittens.…

  • A Farm Wife's Life Chickens Farm Kids The Farm

    New Birds

    So back in early November the neighbors dogs came and visited the farm….uninvited I should add…..well one of them decided to bust into my chicken coop and then proceeded to kill…

  • Cattle Farm Kids The Farm


    We (Caleb and I) drag our kids everywhere with us, like our parents did when we were little. The only difference is we have a 4-door truck and in my family…