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  • Farm Kids

    Kids and Kittens

    A week after I had Wynn our cat had kittens. Two weeks later that same cat comes up missing and I think it’s a good idea to bottle feed those kittens.…

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    Momma Needs Some Sleep

    I’m one tired momma! We spent the day making calls and traveling around looking at bulls because we were in need of three bulls for heifers…..2 for us and one for…

  • Cattle

    Burning Grass – Part 1

    A few weeks ago Caleb decided to burn off some grass that we mow for hay.  This patch of grass is in an area where johnson grass is a major problem…

  • Chickens Farm Kids The Farm Uncategorized

    New Birds

    So back in early November the neighbors dogs came and visited the farm….uninvited I should add…..well one of them decided to bust into my chicken coop and then proceeded to kill…

  • The Farm Uncategorized

    Farm Pets

    Every farm has pets. Some live inside, some outside. Some are useful, some are not. Some are tame and some are not. On our farm we currently have a do and…

  • Cook with Me

    Freezing Celery 

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a celery eater.  Never have been. But, I do like cooking with it every now and then for the flavor it add…